Coated Fragility


The collection Coated Fragility is based on a strong closeness to nature since it is completely handmade and exclusively made of natural fibers. Furthermore, it is inspired by the ambivalence of two fundamental human feelings. The frail looking, wide-mashed mohair knits cover the body only partially and evoke a feeling of fragility and vulnerability. They form a contrast to the voluminous and amorphous knit drapery. The woolen jackets create a mood of emotional security and concealment like something intimate and shielding as they have a very comfortable and embracing character. The color palette is composed of shaded natural tones to emphasize the elemental and natural feeling of the collection.

PHOTO & VIDEO | Parcyvall GmbH

MODEL | Lotta Doll

MODEL | Maximilian König

HAIR & MAKEUP | Annabell Jankowski