Memories of the Future


The collection Memories of the Future is inspired by the mood of the dance movie “Pina” by Wim Wenders, 2011. Its central aspect is the translation of indefinable complex feelings into movements. I translated a melancholic and confident feeling into a multilayered composition of dark shaded transparency and an impressive painting in a color gradient from dark red to light grey. This abstract textile painting is made of natural pigments. The concept of the patterns is based on curved cutting lines which flow round the body and relate to the dance movements of the movie. Furthermore, I displaced classical and clear elements of a suit from their original position as if they moved or slipped along the body. On the one hand this should emphasize the dynamic of the collection. On the other hand this design element symbolises a revolt against the fashion production as it proceeds in usual. We have to move forward.

PHOTO & VIDEO | Tillmann Engel

DANCER | Marie-Delphine Rauhut